The “stem cells” discipline represents one of the most dynamic areas in biology and biomedicine. Marine and aquatic invertebrate stem cell (MISC) biology is of prime research and medical interest. The aim of this COST Action is to consolidate and promote an interdisciplinary network of the European community working on MISC. This will help to develop novel MISC tools and methodologies, promote the MISC discipline in the front interest of biomedical disciplines and establishing collaborations with industries.

Our actions in details

This European COST Action aims at fostering the study of MISCs by strengthening the European MISC community, and integrating the MISC field with biomedical disciplines for innovative applications.

Our main objectives are:
1. The consolidation of the European community of scientists involved in MISC research by the development of a joint research agenda and the promotion of international scientific collaborations.
2. The coordination and standardization of MISC research by sharing methodologies, techniques, protocols as well as by training scientists.
3. The establishment of collaborations with European networks, scientific societies/institutions and the industry for transferring MISCs to related biomedical fields.

Our action is structured into topical working groups focused on:
1. Development of protocols for raising MISCs under in vitro conditions.
2. “-omics” approaches for characterizing the MISC phenotypes.
3. Blue technology.
4. Networking with stakeholders.

Our action organizes:
Events to promote the transfer of cutting-edge technologies to MISC research and to educate the next generation of students on the diversity of MISCs
Short term scientific mission grants to support international and interdisciplinary collaborations on MISCs
Joint publications to review the current status of knowledge on MISCs

Our action is [composed of|link to Research]:
– 5 members of the management committee
– 49 research groups from 38 institutions
– 21 member countries
– 28 model organisms from 9 phyla

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COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020

Chairman: Prof. Loriano Ballarin

Vice-Chairman: Prof. Buki Rinkevich